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In today's digital world, programming and algorithmic thinking are considered fundamental skills. When we consider various professions that are in high demand today and are on the list of future professions, we realize the importance of programming and algorithmic skills.

General information about the courses:

Classes are organized in small groups or individually according to the students' age levels.

Classes are held twice a week, each lasting 1.5 hours.

The teaching staff has international work experience in international schools.

Individual approach tailored to the student's needs.

Internationally applied resources and curriculum.

Classes are organized in an enjoyable and interesting format.

Special attention is paid to practical application alongside theory during classes.

Different educational programs for students according to age and skill level: Future Coders, Pro Coders, and Master Coders.

Program Name: Future Coders

Duration: 5 months * 40 lessons, 2 lessons per week, each lasting 1.5 hours

Language of instruction: English

Age group: 6-9 years

Resources used in teaching:

Code.org, Scratch, Minecraft, Tinkercad 3D design, Microbit

Participants in the program:

Development of algorithmic and mathematical-logical thinking skills, the foundation of programming.

Learning to program games and animations using fun methods and tools.

Learning the basics of 3D modeling to bring their ideas to life.

Acquiring fundamental skills in programming smart devices and systems.

Program Name: Pro Coders

Duration: 8 months * 64 lessons, 2 lessons per week, each lasting 1.5 hours

Language of instruction:  English

Age group: 10-12 years

Resources used in teaching:

Scratch 3.0, VR VEX robotics, Python Turtle, Tinkercad-Arduino

Participants in the program:

Learning the basics of programming through creating various games and animation projects.

Understanding the basics of Robotics in a virtual environment, including motors, sensors, and their operating principles.

Enhancing programming skills through projects involving Arduino, STEAM, and robotics.

Learning the fundamentals of the most in-demand programming language today, Python.

Program Name: Master Coders

Duration: 6 months * 48 lessons, 2 lessons per week, each lasting 1.5 hours

Language of instruction: Azerbaijani and English

Age group: 13-16 years

Resources used in teaching:

Python, Pycharm, Tkinter, Python EEL

Participants in the program:

Learning the basics of Python programming language to take their first steps into today's professions such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science.

Acquiring skills in creating graphic interface applications and programs with Python programming language.

Learning Python EEL basics to understand basic concepts for creating HTML/JS GUI applications.

Applying skills practically through working on various projects.

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Participation in trial lessons is free of charge.