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Today, spending too much time on screen by using mobile devices, computers, and tablets is one of the main problems for parents. Using mobile devices by children can cause several physical and mental problems. How to get rid of dependence on social media, internet, games, TV? How much time can children spend for utilizing digital devices and how to divide this time for learning and entertainment activities? Although answers of these questions are different for every family, we would like to share some advices which can be helpful to all.

Keep a balance. It would not be good to keep children absolutely away from digital devices or letting them to spend too much time on them. Create a balance between children’s weekly activities related to technology and without technology. For most of the children, the main reason to use technological devices too much is not to have opportunities for other activities such as reading, drawing, going for sport.

Spare time and create place away from digital devices. Create some places at your home where you do not use mobile devices and make time to spend there. For instance, while having a meal you should not use mobile devices and internet. An hour before sleeping and in bedroom you cannot use mobile devices or computer. Especially, do not let children to use mobile devices and computer where they are alone. The computer should be in a room where you can see screen easily.

Be the role model. Your children pay more attention to what you do more than what you say and see you as a role model. That is why be careful about using technology while they are around you. Obey the rules regarding the usage of mobile devices at home and have a talk with your children about how to use technology effectively.

Said Hasanov
EdTech Specialist
Email: shasanov@edtech.az