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Gamification is the use of game mechanisms in non-gaming contexts in order to increase individual engagement and motivation: this allows us to perform jobs or solve problems in an enjoyable and rewarding way. 

Gamification entails employing game mechanisms in non-gaming contexts to enhance individual engagement and motivation, enabling us to tackle tasks or solve problems in an enjoyable and rewarding manner.

The Gamification In Education workshop aids educators in understanding gamification and incorporating gamified activities into their classrooms. Through effective gamification design, educators can transform their courses into engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable learning experiences. At its core, gamification introduces game-like elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards into the learning environment, captivating learners and motivating them to engage with the material extrinsically.

This workshop caters to any teacher keen on exploring the potential of game-based learning in their classroom. Participants will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating games into teaching and learning, and gain practical insights into gaming tools and activities for daily teaching practice.

The Gamification In Education workshop covers:

- What gamification entails

- Why and how gamification can be utilized in education

- Exploration of new tools, technologies, and methodologies to apply gamification principles in teaching environments

- Planning game-based learning activities

For participation in the Gamification in Education workshop or to invite us to your school, please do not hesitate to contact us.